• Description:

A flier designed for a leadership conference designed for graduating seniors.

  • Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):

Got my hands dirty with some work in inDesign. Used the frame tool a lot over the course of this project. Learned how to and developed an eye for alignment.

  • Message:

The message of this project is pretty clear: I wanted to catch the eyes of, and get as many people to come to this conference as possible. The details are clear and concise and the flier displays all pertinent information.

  • Audience:

This flier is targeted squarely at graduates looking to learn some business and leadership skills.

  • Top Thing Learned:

How to navigate the intricacies of inDesign as well as learning how to manage flow in a project.

  • Title Font Name & Category:

Cochin – Oldstyle

  • Copy Font Name & Category:

Arial – Sans Serif

  • Links to images used in this project


3 thoughts on “Project 1 Flier

  1. Good job here. I like that the top and bottom have the same design bars. It really helps in unifying the whole design. Everything aligns really nice and i like the placement of the picture. I tired something like that but I couldn’t get it to the way i liked it. But here, you did it really well and it works great! I think it all flows really nicely and it really helps in making a really good design.

    Here’s mine:

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