Business Card

  • Description:

Matching letterhead and business card for the arcade Attract Mode

  • Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):

Done in adobe inDesign. Made use of the rectangle tool, a lot. The eyedropper tool came in handy for matching colors of the text with the colors of the design. I liked the idea of the vertical stripe on the side but didn’t want it to be solid all the way down. I thought it would be kind of boring to just have a rectangular break so I used the star tool. 

  • Message:

Just some letterhead and a business card. 

  • Audience:

Whoever you would send or give these to. 

  • Top Thing Learned:

How much of a pain in the butt inDesign is. But also how to effectively move objects in front of and behind other elements in the design. 

  • Color scheme and color names:

Complimentary: Red and Purple

  • Title Font Name & Category:

Super Plumber Brothers – Decorative

  • Copy Font Name & Category:

Cochin – Oldstyle


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