This is a webpage I designed to showcase a logo I designed for Attract Mode Arcades.


Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):

This was all done through HTML and CSS. It took quite a lot of doing and was pretty confusing at first. A stray ” left most of my text a giant link and I could not figure out why for the longest time. I guess like any new language or skill, the longer you use it the more proficient you become. I altered the sample HTML from the bee one provided and made it fit with my design.



I wanted to display the logo I made and a website is the perfect way to do that. This is aimed at anyone who enjoys going to and spending time in arcades.



Anyone who enjoys going to or spending time in arcades.


Top Thing Learned:

How one little mistake or misplaced line of code can ruin the rest of your HTML and completely throw things off. You need to code very carefully.


Color scheme and color hex:




Electric Blue: #0892d0


Yellow: #ffff0000


Black: #000000


Title Font Families & Category:

Verdana: Sans-Serif


Copy Font Families & Category:

Times New Roman: Old style.


Changes made to the CSS

I changed the text in the body, the linked logo and the colors of the background, text and border.


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