Project 9: Portfolio

Portfolio (

  • Project Corrections / Time spent:

Most of the time I spent tweaking things was with my most recent project, the brochure. This one definitely took the longest and the most work but is my favorite project by far. About two hours were spent re-trimming the arcade cabinet on the bottom left to help it look a little less jagged as well as resizing it a bit. Corrections in the text were made as well as making the layout flow a little better. Part of the reason it took so long was having to wrestle with photoshop. I just could not seem to get it to cooperate. Eventually I was able to make the changes I needed to and am very happy with the result.

  • Message:

The message on this one is pretty clear: This is my body of work, please consider me for a job.

  • Audience:

Any potential employers as well as anyone who might just be interested in the work I’ve produced over the semester.

  • Top Thing Learned:

The importance of flow and how hard it is to clip an image and still make it look good.

  • Future application of Visual Media:

I came in to this class knowing absolutely nothing about adobe design projects so pretty much everything can be applied to future endeavors. I feel like I know just enough to be dangerous now.

  • Color scheme and color names:

Complimentary: Dark colors and white. There are too many colors to name.

  • Title Font Name & Category:

Earthmomma – Decorative.

  • Copy Font Name & Category:

Pokemon GB – Decorative.

  • Thumbnails of Images used:

Night - Imgur

  • Sources (Links to images on original websites / with title of site):