Doc Blog 6: In The Beginning


Screenshot (22).pngMan, we are getting close to wrapping this whole dang thing up. I am deep within the editing crunch and figuring out how I want to structure things. Truth be told, it is stressful. But occasionally the project starts to look the way I want it to instead of the hot mess that I am sure that it is. The picture for this update is taken from the opening shot/title shot and I am pretty proud of it. I made a pretty late in the game decision to change how the whole thing would open and I am actually happy with it. I think it will bookend the doc quite nicely. I also think that it helps to set the mood for the project as a whole.  Now I just have to make sure that everything in the middle isn’t a huge dumpster fire and we should be all squared away.


Doc Blog: Mini Update

Editing Progress: Things are coming along with the editing. Much of the footage, heck pretty much all of the footage is still raw and uncut. I have been recording small amounts of footage often for the day to day pieces and have yet to record the interview that I have planned. Luckily, the way that I am recording these pieces of footage, I am able to keep a good track of them chronologically speaking. This will be a huge help when it comes time to start plugging them in as I want to show things from start to finish. All of the raw files are named by the date they were recorded on. Screenshot (14).png

Doc Blog 5: Changing Gears

IMG_20170312_103522-2.jpg As things have progressed in this project I started to find myself up against a wall of sorts. I knew what I wanted to do but the energy just seemed to be sapped from me. I was on the right track, I was losing weight (albeit at glacial pace) but I still wasn’t really happy. Things seemed tedious and annoying. I was making progress in the journey but there was no real joy in the journey. That is why I have decided to dovetail another aspect of health and well-being in to this project. I decided that I was going to see if meditation could help give me some of the introspection that I had been missing and hopefully along with that, a sense of not only purpose, but happiness. These two books have been instrumental in helping a complete novice like me to understand the ins and outs of meditation and truth be told, it seems to be working.