IMG_20170312_103522-2.jpg As things have progressed in this project I started to find myself up against a wall of sorts. I knew what I wanted to do but the energy just seemed to be sapped from me. I was on the right track, I was losing weight (albeit at glacial pace) but I still wasn’t really happy. Things seemed tedious and annoying. I was making progress in the journey but there was no real joy in the journey. That is why I have decided to dovetail another aspect of health and well-being in to this project. I decided that I was going to see if meditation could help give me some of the introspection that I had been missing and hopefully along with that, a sense of not only purpose, but happiness. These two books have been instrumental in helping a complete novice like me to understand the ins and outs of meditation and truth be told, it seems to be working.


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