Class Summaries

Journalism/News.Brother Williams

  • First and foremost, a journalist tells stories.
  • Many consider us to be entering a golden age of journalism.
  • Readers enjoy a well written piece, regardless of the length.
  • Your journalism career started as soon as you started college.
  • Being a Comm major at a church school goves us the responsibility to spread the gospel.

Video Production.Brother Mawlam

  • In an internship you are representing your school as well as yourself.
  • Freelance work can be a great intro to working in the industry.
  • As a video production major you need to learn to play many roles.
  • There are numerous jobs that a video production major can pursue.
  • There are many aspects that go in to making a video that have nothing to do with filming.

Visual Communication Emphasis.Sister Esplin

  • Visual media is in as high a demand as ever.
  • A good communications major will be open to prompitngs.
  • The more versatil you are, the more desirable you will be to potential employers.
  • Visuals get 90% more views than simply text alone.
  • Communications majors should work at increasing their respective Klout scores.

Public Relations/PRSSA.Brother Hicks

  • As a PR professional you are the first line of defense for your company.
  • Every company in the world has need for good public relations.
  • PR majors can found their own PR companies.
  • Public relations and Advertising go hand in hand.
  • Being a good writer is paramount in being a good Advertiser.

Advertising.Brother Hochstrasser

  • Advertising is all about thinking like no one else and everyone else at the same time.
  • Public service announcements can be considered free advertising.
  • A good advert is persuasive in nature.
  • There are more advertising jobs now than there ever have been before.
  • A good advertiser researches and gets to know their target audience.

Organizational Communication & Advocacy.Sister Hansen

  • This emphasis offers a good starting point for those considering a career in law.
  • Emphasis on thinking strategically.
  • Forbes magazine says the most desireable attribute in a potential employee is team skills.
  • This emphasis will teach students to make decisions and solve problems.
  • It is important for all students to take the time to understand the laws that govern them.

Understanding Grad Plans.Brother Christensen

  • Students are required to earn a residency degree as well as a normal degree.
  • While uncommon, students can occasionally use Institute credits towards their degree.
  • The Academic Discovery Center should be visited early and often.
  • Students need to be aware of classes that alternate availability depending on the semester.
  • The grad plan is an invaluable tool for knowing the most effective way to sign up for classes.






ResumeCover Letter:

Cover letter-page0001



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